IT Guy by day, Photographer by night 

A self-taught guy, focusing only on people and night photography. I'm a slow learner, also a slow photographer. I'm always solo during image creation process, but hell no I'm not anti-social, it just that I can stay more focused and attend to detail. I work in information technology industry though, luckily that doesn't make me robot.
I used to draw and paint when I was a small kid, but haven't gotten chance to go to art school. Nothing stop us from making art unless we choose to, I picked up photography in year 2011, with my first camera I started my journey, and never stop since then. From the art of drawing to photography, they are both visual centric, one crafted with drawing tools and the other painted with light, the freedom to create is endless and I'm enjoying every moment of it.
Feel free to contact me, be it about photography or about life, it's always interesting to hear a story or two from someone.
The Nocturnes 2012
Gualala Arts "A little Night Music"
Darkroom Gallery "Night Light"
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